The Shadow Cabinet Office Minister reportedly stated in an interview that Bitcoin and digital currencies have the potential to disperse power from traditional financial institutions, and that a Labour government would adopt a wait-and-see approach to digital currency regulation.

Treasury issued a call for information on digital currencies to enable the government to examine the potential economic benefits of digital currencies, and the potential barriers that digital currency businesses face when trying to establish themselves in the U.K. Treasury will also examine the risks presented by digital currencies in order to establish whether the

The High Court reportedly granted an emergency injunction freezing bitcoins held by Bitcoin payments platform and cryptocurrency exchange Moolah, and reportedly also ordered Moolah and its former CEO to repay over 750 bitcoin held by Moolah for the developers of syscoin.

The founder and CEO of Moolah LTD, which ran a Bitcoin payments platform and cryptocurrency exchange, resigned following the withdrawal by the company of its bankruptcy plan, and multiple allegations of fraudulent behavior by the founder. Moolah reportedly lost 3,700 user bitcoins, currently worth almost $1.3 million.