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FinCEN director Jennifer Shasky Calvery gave an interview discussing FinCEN’s approach to Bitcoin. She emphasized that FinCEN is actively monitoring new developments in Bitcoin and considering their regulatory implications, as well as emphasizing FinCEN’s expectation that Bitcoin businesses comply with existing anti-money laundering regulations.… Continue Reading

District Court for Western Missouri

The Federal Trade Commission filed a reply in support of its motion for preliminary injunction against Butterfly Labs, alleging that Butterfly Labs used machines that customers ordered to mine bitcoins for themselves before shipping the used machines to their customers, often months after the machines had been ordered. The FTC also alleged that Butterfly Labs executives … Continue Reading

District Court for Western Missouri

A judge granted the Federal Trade Commission’s motion for a temporary restraining order against Butterfly Labs. Among other things, the order enjoins misrepresentations by Butterfly Labs with respect to its products and services, freezes Butterfly Labs and its affiliates’ assets, and appoints a temporary receiver over the business and assets.… Continue Reading