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The bankruptcy court in the Voyager case issued an order authorizing that funds held in two specific accounts (FBO accounts) at Metropolitan Commercial Bank, which are administered by Voyager, are held for the benefit of and belong to Voyager’s customers. As a result of this order, the bank and Voyager may honor customer requests for withdrawals of such cash as of the date Voyager filed for bankruptcy.Continue Reading Some Voyager Creditors May Get Cash Back that is Held at Bank

Customers and creditors of Voyager Digital Holdings face a deadline to file official “proofs of claim” setting forth the amounts they assert that Voyager owes them. The deadline is 5:00 p.m. ET on October 3, 2022. Information regarding the deadline, filing requirements, and procedures is available in the bankruptcy court’s order that established the deadline.Continue Reading Voyager Creditors—Deadline Set for Filing Bankruptcy Proofs of Claim

The Voyager Digital Holdings bankruptcy cases, along with the Celsius Network cases, provide a unique opportunity for parties to acquire assets and/or operations of each company. The bankruptcy court approved bidding procedures in an order issued in the Voyager cases that outlines the entire process and steps to be followed by anyone interested in submitting a bid. 

In the Celsius Network case, the bankruptcy court hearing on August 8 will consider the Celsius motion to establish a very similar process that will trail Voyager’s sale process by approximately one month.Continue Reading Voyager, Celsius, and Possible Bidding Opportunities