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Ryan represents online communications and storage providers on their core legal issues: user data privacy, content moderation, platform integrity, and privacy litigation. He works with the largest online technology companies as well as startups to help them protect themselves, their users, and their data; promote free speech and expression; and stop child and victim exploitation.

In a press release this week, the Royal Bank of India (RBI) echoed recent comments from European regulators about the risks associated with virtual currencies and also said it is “presently examining the issues associated with the usage, holding and trading or [virtual currencies] under the extant legal and regulatory framework of the country,” suggesting that the press release is not the last word on this issue from the RBI.
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With this weeks’ news out of Denmark, European regulators continue to clarify their positions on Bitcoin and other virtual currencies. Two themes are emerging. First, regulators are warning consumers to proceed with caution, given the perceived risks posed by virtual currencies. Second, at least three European countries have now said that virtual currency does not fall within the regulatory definition of currency or money, and that it is instead an asset, meaning that gains from buying and selling virtual currency are taxable.
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