We are pleased to announce that Valeria Bystrowicz-Liendo, a Business Development Director in the firm’s Blockchain, Digital Assets, & Custody industry group, will serve as a Board Member and as the Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County Chapter lead for Crypto Connect.

Crypto Connect, which formally launched today, is led by a

U.S. Developments

Regulatory Updates

CFTC Staff Issues Advisory to Exchanges and Clearinghouses on Virtual Currency Derivatives

On May 21, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s (CFTC) Division of Market Oversight and Division of Clearing and Risk released an advisory that provides guidance to designated contract markets (DCM), swap execution facilities (SEF), and derivatives clearing organizations (DCO)

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ICOs: Regulatory Analysis by Jurisdictions Worldwide
September 27, 2017

Sarah Hody – is

Through our longstanding relationship with COALA, we are proud to announce that Dax Hansen and Joe Cutler will be participating and presenting at the African Blockchain Workshop in Nairobi, Kenya December 15-16, 2016. The Blockchain Workshops investigate the upcoming challenges and opportunities provided by blockchain technologies, and their impact on the current social, economic and

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Last week’s update discussed the Uniform Law Commission (ULC) draft version of a model law that will guide states in creating regulation for virtual currencies, a warning from Ukraine’s National Bank and the collaboration of Europol and Interpol at the

Below is a summary of some of the significant legal and regulatory actions that occurred over the past week. This alert is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all such developments, but rather a selection of publicly-reported news that may be of particular interest.

U.S. Developments

CFTC. The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission