Customers and creditors of Voyager Digital Holdings face a deadline to file official “proofs of claim” setting forth the amounts they assert that Voyager owes them. The deadline is 5:00 p.m. ET on October 3, 2022. Information regarding the deadline, filing requirements, and procedures is available in the bankruptcy court’s order that established the deadline.

Proofs of claim can be filed electronically here.

The court-approved proof of claim form for customers can be found here.

Unlike “regular” bankruptcy proofs of claim that require the claim to be asserted only in USD (U.S. dollars), these claims may be submitted in cryptocurrency.

To quote the order:

Each Proof of Claim must:

(i) be written in English;

(ii) set forth

(A) for any Claim based on cryptocurrency(ies) held in an account on the Debtors’ platform, the number of units of each cryptocurrency held in such account; and              

(B) in the case of any other Claim, the amount of such Claim denominated in United States dollars;
. . .

(iv) be signed or electronically transmitted through the interface available on the Notice and Claims Agent’s website at  by the claimant or by an authorized agent or legal representative of the claimant; and

(v) unless otherwise consented to by the Debtors in writing, include supporting documentation unless voluminous, in which case a summary must be attached or an explanation provided as to why documentation is not available.

Creditors who file a proof of claim should understand that officially filing a proof claim in a bankruptcy case can be viewed as consenting to the bankruptcy court’s jurisdiction over all disputes between the claimant and the debtor. Creditors who do not file a proper proof of claim by the October 3, 2022, at 5:00 p.m. ET deadline may not receive any distribution from the Voyager bankruptcy cases. 

The order includes a listing of types of claims for which no proof of claim is required. It also includes specific and helpful instructions on how to file a proof of claim.