We wanted to share this great podcast series that features our Investment Management Group – several episodes, if not all, might be of interest to you!

Please see the list of episodes below:

02.23.2021 – Institutional Investment in Crypto Derivatives: Bitcoin Futures and Similar Products – Episode 4

Todd Zerega and Andrew Cross discuss the use of derivatives on cryptocurrencies by institutional investors. Specific attention is given to regulatory and product development considerations for registered investment advisors and fund sponsors, as well as technical considerations related to exchange-traded futures on bitcoin and other similar listed products.

Need more? View our recent blog post about the CFTC’s publication of weekly data about the volume of bitcoin futures trading and types of market participants that are entering into these trades.

01.22.2021 – An Overview of Investment Company Act Rule 18f-4 (The New “Derivatives” Rule): Nothing Exceeds Like Exceedance – Episode ‪3

Steve Keen joins Todd Zerega and Andrew Cross to discuss the requirements of Rule 18f-4, the new “derivatives rule”. Particular attention is given to the rule’s limits on the use of derivatives by registered investment companies and what happens when those limits are exceeded.

12.15.2020 – Digesting the Recent LIBOR Extension, Rule 4.5 Changes & 4210 Status – Episode ‪2‬

Todd Zerega and Andrew Cross discuss three timely topics:

  1. Recent market developments that may result in an effective 18-month deferral of the transition from LIBOR to a replacement reference rate;
  2. Changes to CFTC Regulation 4.5 related to the designation of a registered investment company’s commodity pool operator; and
  3. Margining of delayed delivery mortgage-backed securities under FINRA Rule 4210.

11.05.2020 – New ISDA LIBOR Fallback Protocol and FCMs Holding Virtual Currency – Episode ‪1‬

Andrew Cross discusses the ISDA’s new LIBOR fallback protocol and guidance for FCMs holding virtual currencies and single security futures.